Use up some left-over beads…

After working with peyote stitch for the last couple of months, I decided it was time to do something different.  I found the blue and green beads in a box of left-overs (I had wrapped the loops last year).  The white beads were in another box, along with the leaf bead caps.  All I had to do was wrap the loops for the white beads, add two small pieces of sterling silver chain and a lobster clasp.

That was the easy part.  Photographing the finished project took twice as long.  I couldn’t find a background that would show off the colored beads without washing out the white beads and the silver.  Finally, I settled on a black velvet necklace stand.  All I had to deal with after that was getting rid of the glare from the flash.  Thank goodness for GIMP‘s band-aid tool!