Create your own color palette…

Today, the challenge was to choose 3 or more colors that we think make a beautiful palette for jewelry, then, (if we had time) use those colors to create a unique piece of jewelry.

Here is my palette with project in progress.  I’m making an amulet bag with a Russian Matryoshka.  I used a drawing to create the pattern.  The stitch is 5-drop Peyote.  After I finish the amulet, I will post the pattern.

Materials Used:

  • Delica Seed Beads, Size 11
  • DB-0218, Opaque luster medium blue
  • DB-0001, Gunmetal (metallic hematite)
  • DB-0233, Opaque luster butterscotch yellow
  • DB-0214, Opaque luster dark red
  • DB-1561, Opaque luster light butter rum
  • Fireline, 6 pound