Day 24: Incorporate a textile into a jewelry design
Day 25: Learn a new bead weaving stitch…

Day 24 caused me to hit a brick wall and fall behind. I don’t use textiles when I’m beading. My hands didn’t want to bead so I decided to crochet. That’s when the idea of a bracelet hit me. But, I still didn’t have a clue what I wanted to make, or what colors I wanted to use. It was time for a break – and the dogs needed to go out.

While I was outside, I happened to notice the azaleas and dogwoods were blooming (they weren’t open the day before!) Suddenly, I had my idea and my color palette…

First, I crocheted the bracelet and flower. Next, I added the pearlized buttons.
I still had a dilemma regarding a new bead weaving technique and the bracelet looked a little plain with a single flower. It needed leaves, which is how I ended up using the coraling technique. Not wanting to over-do it, I only made about a dozen “leaves”, added a couple of “buds” and a few white beads for “baby’s breath”.