This is a new pattern for the mice.  It’s crocheted all in one piece from back to nose.  After finishing off, I cut the yarn long and pulled it through the body to chain the tail.  It works up much faster than my old pattern.  The multi-color is the test mouse, made with Red Heart yarn and H hook.  The orange mouse was made with F hook and James C. Brett yarn.

Red Bird.  I think this will be a good pattern for a penguin but I need to move the beak up another row or two.  F hook and James C. Brett yarns.  Color is more accurate in this photo.

These are going to be a rabbit and a frog. I had all of the pieces made and sat down to start sewing when I discovered a sneaky, four-pawed, crochet thief (innocently napping in the background) had been into the bag.  One eye and leg for the frog, both arms, legs, ears and tail for the rabbit have entered the canine twilight zone.  I checked all the usual places and they were nowhere to be found.  Next search location is the bottom of the toy box…