Several years ago I decided I wanted to try my hand at needle tatting.  I got a package of Handy Hands needles and picked out some thread.  The first few attempts were utter failures – riddled with mistakes and punctuated with lots of bad words because I couldn’t get a good grip on the thread or the needle.  Into storage it went.

I ran across the needles the other night and thought I would give it another go.  Only this time I used DK yarn with the largest needle.  (While trying to thread the yarn through the teeny eye, I found another use for Fireline!)  After a couple of tries I succeeded in making a circle.  I got brave and tried this butterfly from a pattern by Cynthia Stevenson – minus the antennae, because I forgot and tucked in the ends of the yarn.  When I get a little better, I’ll add beads to the picots.