I’ve moved from Herringbone to a new design using St. Petersburg stitch (although it looks like a double St. Pete, it is really two singles) with duos.  The middle bracelet has neon duos and black twins.

You can see why this one didn’t make it into the photo with the others. :)

Depending on how you finish the ends, almost any clasp will work. My friend Lela gave me the hummingbird clasp a while ago. I think it fits perfectly with this bracelet.

Finished with a lobster claw.

Here’s a test strip to show how I finished the ends on the multi-duo-rows to add a 3-strand clasp.

I don’t know if I’ll write a full tutorial for it or not.  If you want to give it a try, it’s very simple.  You will need the following materials.

  • Size 11 round seed beads
  • Size 15 round seed beads (or size 11) for the top turning (tips) bead.
  • Size 8 round seed beads
  • Duos (or twins)
  • Fireline (I used 8 lb)
  • Scissors

You have to have an even number of size 8’s (all of my seed beads were Toho) for each piece of St. Pete.

  • Very small wrist: 36 (72 total) – size 8 (35 duos for single row).
  • Small/med wrist:  38 (76 total) – size 8 (37 duos for single row).  
  • Large wrist:  40-42 (80-84 total) – size 8 (39-41 duos for single row).

Make one strip of St. Pete stitch.  When you add the last turning bead, go through the two 11’s and down through the 8 so you’re headed back the other direction.  Like this:

Peyote a row of duos between the 8’s.

Make your second strip of St. Pete stitch, repeat the turn-around, as above, and zip the new strip to the un-stitched side of the duos.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide how to add your clasp and you’re all done!

As always, if you do decide to make it, please give credit.  And I would love to see your photos!