Operation Tackle that Bead Stash has a blog and Facebook group.  The monthly blog challenge for June is to create something using only stash beads in turquoise, green, pink and white.  I made earrings (they look like owl eyes to me).  I can’t make up my mind if you’d call it layered or stacked peyote but it is three layers.  It’s difficult to tell from the photo but the edges are slightly ruffled.  Designed and beaded by me.

OTTBS June Blog ChallengeThe ones I submitted were not my first choice.  While making the one on the left for the challenge, I discovered, horror of horrors (!), I only had one of the turquoise cabs.

Challenge cabsHere is how the turquoise looks from the side.  For both designs, the base row is RAW, the row layered over that is peyote.  I increased the peyote from 1-drop to 2-drop to get the big ruffles.  I did not do the increase on the pink ones.

Ruffled cabI like the pair I submitted for the challenge but I am in love with the turquoise pair.  Somewhere I have to find matching cabs to make another pair.