I’ve been quiet because I’ve been working on several projects. One of those projects has been making patterns for the Bead-it-Forward quilt squares. The theme for 2017 is Fantasy (Dreaming of a Cure) and my mind has been overloaded with ideas. I’ll start designing a square only to get a new idea, then another idea sneaks in. Before I know it, I have 5 patterns going at the same time. My hands can’t keep up with my brain! You can find all of the submitted patterns on the Bead-it-Forward website.

BIF: Baby Dragon & WizardThis week I started stitching some of the patterns. I’m not sure if I’m finished with the wizard (I keep calling him Galdalf) but I’m posting the pattern in case some of you would like to do a little tweaking of your own.  Right-click and save will give you the full size pattern.

BIF 2017 Wizard