Beth, at Beading by Beth, wrote two new tutorials for beaded beads last month.  I got to beta-test them (thank you, Beth!) but I’m just now getting around to pulling the photos off the camera and blogging about them.  First up is the Duocube.  Tutorial can be found here.

You know how there are times when you think a pattern is going to be worked a certain way and you stop following the pattern?  That’s what I did with the first one I made.  I embellished it the way I thought it would go instead of the way Beth had it written.  But I still like it – a lot.  I used mini Duos, 15’s and 3mm rounds.

DuoCubeThen, I made another one the correct way.  Duos, 11’s and 4mm pearls.

DuocubeI couldn’t stop there and made one more.  Each side of the cube is a different color.  The side you can’t see is orange.  Duos, 11’s and 4mm pearls.

DuocubeMy Dodecarizo did not photograph well.  I’m blaming it on the colors.  The only Rizos I had were Magic Wine.  And the only Duos I had that would match were black.  Not a great combination but they worked with gold 11’s to make the bead.  Pattern can be found here.