Thinking that it would be winter soon and we would have some cold weather, I made two pair of slippers.  One pair for me and another for my mom.

SlippersThey work up quick but I only spent a few minutes working on them in the evenings.  If I had sat down and crocheted until they were done, I would say you could make the pair while watching television one night.

SlippersWhile working on the second pair, I actually wrote instructions as I went along.  The pattern fits size 8-9 (med/lg).  Adjust the length to fit your foot.

Here are the instructions, or, you can download the tutorial in PDF format here.

Crochet Espadrille Slippers


Size J crochet hook
One skein Aran/worsted weight yarn
Yarn needle
Slick fabric paint (I use Tulip)


Make 2

Row 1:  6 hdc in magic circle (6)
Do not join, you will work the first of each st in the first st of the row just completed
Row 2:  *2 hdc in each st* (12)
Row 3:  *1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st* (18)
Row 4: *1 hdc in next 2 st, 2 hdc in next st* (24)
Row 5: *1 hdc in next 5 st, 2 hdc in next st* (28)
Rows 6-12: *1 hdc in next st* (28)
Row 13:  1 hdc in ea of next 20 st, ch1 and turn (20)
You can adjust the number of rows (end with an uneven number) below to
fit your foot – make sure it’s snug so they won’t slide off.  When you think
they are long enough, try them on.  You want to be able to pull them at
least an  inch to get the edges to meet.
Row 14-22: 1 hdc in ea st, ch 1 & turn (20)
Fold your work lengthwise and make sure your stitches will be going the
same direction as the circular part of the foot.  I work the slipper inside out,
and turn it right side out at this point
Row 23:  Join top corners with sl st and work 1 sc in each stitch all the way
around the top, join with sl st
Cut a long tail (about 8 in) and stitch the back of the slipper together
Work the tail in and FO.  Don’t forget to work in the tail at the toe.
Add slick fabric paint to the bottoms to make them non-skid

They are cute as-is or you could add a flower, bow or appliqué.  You can also turn them in to MaryJanes by adding a strap and button (or Velcro) across the top, in front of where your foot bends.