My first post of the year is later than usual. My mom passed away in January and things have been a little chaotic. I even got behind on my Bead-it-Forward squares but they finally made it into the mail this week. Thank you, Amy, for giving me a little extra time!

Here are the first nine squares and a few closer looks.

As I was packaging the squares, I discovered part of them were missing (it happens every year without fail) and spent two days frantically tearing the house apart. I found them – in plain sight on the dining room table. [insert Captain Picard face palm here]  I’m not sure if I have selective eyesight or if my glasses just need cleaning.

If you have a moment, hop over to Beading by Beth and take a look at the adorable elf feet squares that she designed and stitched for this year.  You can find her post here.