Free Pattern Friday is here again. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to design a butterfly square for Bead-it-Forward. I know some people suffer from brain freeze when asked to make a pattern (I still have that problem from time to time) so I’ve made a graph with a butterfly outline.

Choose your favorite Delica colors to fill in the butterfly and add a background – it can be a solid color or you can get creative: flowers, trees, vines, clouds, etc.  Feel free to modify the shape of the butterfly, if you want!

Would you rather stitch than design?  Here are two charts that I made for examples.  Click the images, right-click and save to your hard drive.

The beaders at Bead-it-Forward would love to see, and stitch, your artwork if you would like to share a link in the comments.

Have fun and Happy Beading!

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