We’re going to do a playful pattern because I’m in a silly mood. I redesigned my Spiny Norman hedgehog earrings into a even-count peyote cuff.

There are two different ways to work it:

  1. Repeat the pattern until it’s long enough to fit your wrist and add a clasp.
  2. Stitch the longer piece, then work the smaller pattern on each end until it’s long enough to fit your wrist. Add a clasp and you’re done.

Click the images to enlarge and right-click to save to your hard drive.

You can also change the border color, add clouds, hills, trees, etc. in the background, outline the heart, or picot the edges. You could even leave off the heart and attach a charm in its place. Get creative, have fun and Happy Beading!

#freepatternfridays #beading