Bolas Canastas – Part II

One bolas canastas with an extra row of Delicas.

Bolas Canastas

Remember the bola I wasn’t happy with last week? Instead of cutting it up, I decided to play with it. It needs a little tweaking but I’m loving it.

Bolas Pitcher


Bolas Canastas – Part I

I joined Cath Thomas’ new group, Cellini Peyote Freaks, on Facebook and learned how to make her Bolas Canastas.  I debated on sharing these photos of my first attempts.  Then I remembered, we’re beaders and we can share mistakes along with successes.  I need to re-stitch the bola (then finish the ends) because it’s too tight and pulling the 8º beads.  But I’m happy with the other two play pieces and have ideas for them.

Bolas Canastas

The piece on the right in each photo is the same one showing different angles.  I squeezed the ends together (adding one more Delica in between).  I’m still trying to decide what I want to put in the “pocket”.

Flat Cellini


I’m convinced that once I turned 60 what [very] few math skills I once possessed have disappeared into the twilight zone…along with my attention span. I’ve spent the last three weeks making this pair of earrings. During that time, I cut one up completely because I miscounted the starting row of beads and didn’t realize it until I was ready to start the bottom loop. Then, I had to cut two of the arcs off because I added an extra row of beads on one and two extra rows on another. In spite of my elderly shortcomings, I finally got them right and finished! They were fun to make and easy on my fingers.

Swirls and Pearls Earrings are a pattern by Cynthia Newcomer Daniel. You can find it in her book, “Modern Beaded Lace”.  I modified it a tiny bit by using 15’s for the arcs because I didn’t have the color I wanted in 11’s.

FPF: Grumpy Pumpkins

It’s Friday the 13th and Halloween is coming up fast. Let’s do a cuff with some grumpy pumpkins in odd-count peyote stitch this week.  You’ll need two orange, a green and  black.  It’s a repeating pattern.  Work until it fits your wrist and add (your choice) of clasp.

Click to enlarge, then right-click to save to your hard drive.

You can also widen the cuff and add a border on each side, if you wish.  Have fun and happy beading!

#beading  #freepatternfriday

FPF: Loom vs Peyote

Two graphs for Free Pattern Fridays this time.  With a couple of minor tweaks, I converted my loom bracelet to 3-drop peyote.  Both are repeating designs.  First is the loom pattern.  It is 17 columns wide (0.9″).

The 3-drop peyote pattern is 21 columns (1.1″).

Here is how they will look once you’ve worked several sections.  Loom on the top, peyote on the bottom.

Click graphs to enlarge, right-click to save to your hard drive.  As always, you can work them with the colors shown or choose your own.  Your choice of clasp.

Have fun and happy beading!

#beading #freepatternfridays

FPF: Fall Diamonds

For the first day of Fall, and Free Pattern Fridays, we have another loom/square stitch pattern.  It repeats and is 19 columns (1.01″) wide.  When you get to the bottom, start back at the top and work until the desired length. Your choice of clasp.

Click the graph to enlarge and right-click to save to your hard drive.

Have fun and happy beading!

#beading #freepatternfridays