FPF: Bits of Neon

I was in a neon mood today but you can use any colors you like or even work it in two colors. This odd-count peyote bracelet pattern is 13 beads wide and repeats. When you get to the bottom, start back at the top and work until the desired length. Your choice of clasp.

Right-click image to save to your hard drive.

#beading #freepatternfridays


FPF: Bars & Stripes

Things have been off-kilter at my house since the beginning of the year and I haven’t had much creative energy for beading.  My mojo finally reared it’s head and I’m starting to get a few ideas again.  I designed this odd-count repeating pattern in black and white.  It is worked in 1- and 3-count peyote and is 17 Delicas wide.  When you get to the bottom of the chart, start back at the top and work until the desired length.

I liked the pattern enough to keep it and then decided to see how it would look in shaded colors in place of the white.  I used red/violet, wine and rose.  Independence Day will be here soon and it would look good in red/white/blue also.

This chart is too small to work from but it will show you how it will look, turned on the side, while you’re stitching.  Maybe a picot border in black 15’s and a bar clasp to finish?

If you work the pattern, I would love to see a photo.  Happy beading!

#beading #freepatternfridays

Helena’s Heart

A couple of weeks ago Helena Tang-Lim graciously shared a free pattern, called Wrap Around My Heart, on Marcia DeCoster’s Bead Love blog.  I thought it was beautiful and had to make one.  This is my variation.  Helena’s pattern calls for 3mm fire polish beads. As frequently happens when I decide to work a pattern, I didn’t have enough and had to substitute something else.  I did have lots of 2mm and got carried away with them – I even added them to one side of the heart.

I attached the strap a little differently to make it reversible.

I liked it so much that I started another heart.  Maybe a pendant this time.

Chenille Beaded Beads

Last Thursday, Beth (Beading by Beth) wrote a blog post about chenille stitch (Patrick Duggan’s beautiful ropes got me hooked on the stitch). She had called and told me she was making a chenille rope with size 8 demi’s and 2.8mm drops and how much she liked the way it looked.  After two days of searching for my tube of demis, I gave up and ordered a package of black ones just so I could try it.  I had limited drops so I made a earring sized beaded bead (the cream and black on the right).  So cute!  I had to make more, which led to more hunting.

In the end, I mixed 3mm magatamas with the drops and really liked the combination of shapes.  The small pair have a size 15 between the demis, the larger pair have a demi in place of the 15. I plan to turn them into earrings as soon as I remember where I put the stash of turquoise beads.


BIF 2017: Completed Quilt Squares

My first post of the year is later than usual. My mom passed away in January and things have been a little chaotic. I even got behind on my Bead-it-Forward squares but they finally made it into the mail this week. Thank you, Amy, for giving me a little extra time!

Here are the first nine squares and a few closer looks.

As I was packaging the squares, I discovered part of them were missing (it happens every year without fail) and spent two days frantically tearing the house apart. I found them – in plain sight on the dining room table. [insert Captain Picard face palm here]  I’m not sure if I have selective eyesight or if my glasses just need cleaning.

If you have a moment, hop over to Beading by Beth and take a look at the adorable elf feet squares that she designed and stitched for this year.  You can find her post here.