CAL: Pirate Pete

CAL time with Frog Hooker again. As usual, I got a little carried away with the pattern. Say hello to Pirate Pete, the Floppy Cockatoo.

CRAW Candy Canes

I made candy cane earrings last night. No real pattern, aside from a graph I made for the color placement, it’s just a strip of un-embellished CRAW that I curved on one end.CRAW Candy Canes

CRAW Candy Canes

Here’s the graph for the color placement for the red and white earrings.  The blank ones are white beads.  Remember you’re working CRAW so your starting bead is the bottom right.  I usually string the bottom beads (white, red, white red) and tie them in a circle for my starting base.


CAL: Reindeer Candy Cane Holders

This was a Crochet-Along for The Crochet Colony, Amigurumi and Crochet Group on Facebook.  It’s a free pattern by Rachel Hilz Hall and can be found on her blog at Frog Hooker.


The bigger reindeer has modified ears and I used the next smaller size hook for the eyes and noses. I’ve been out of black yarn (gasp!) so I used beads on the eyes. They’re fun to make. Thank you for the pattern, Rachel!